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Worldwide Student Placement

Think Education offers independent advice to students and parents about the various rating of courses and institutions. Information provided will be in the best interest of the student’s desire and of course, actual results or a realistic forecast. Assistance in application will be followed suit, up to departure briefing. This complete hand-holding process of furthering a student’s education is attractive to both students and parents alike.
Think Education assists students to prepare for IELTS to meet the entry requirement of universities, and in particular, into Korean universities where a language test is required by the Korean government. Test of Proficiency in Korean [TOPIK], is a Korean language test offered to non-native of Korean and overseas Korean to measure and evaluate their Korean skills and utilize the results for college admissions and employment in Korea.
Malaysians who graduated from Korean universities are welcome back to Think Education if they wish to secure employment in Malaysia. The focus of placement will be on Korean companies set up in Malaysia. Our links with the Korean oragnisations is a logical extension of our business in higher education, especially individuals whom had been placed at Korean Universities by Think Education.
Think Education was established in 2012 with the purpose of providing assistance to students who intend to pursue their tertiary education locally or abroad. It is intended to be a convenient "one-stop" to parents and students who are in need of independent and unbiased educational counselling. Our Education Consultants attempts to provide the most current, accurate and complete information, cost-effectively and efficiently. Apart from providing advice and counselling in higher education, the field of expertise includes assisting potential students in placement at universities or colleges.
We are officially appointed regional representatives by and for many universities. Our expertise and wide knowledge enable us to successfully organize education seminars, exhibitions and interview sessions for students in Malaysia so as to help them meet with the foreign university representatives and obtain first-hand information on the students' study options and pathways available. Our range of services include the following...
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    Think Education is one of the most renowned and welcomed household name for sending Malaysian students to overseas for further studies. Malaysian students who are interested to study overseas are given full information and counseling of the various universities and their distinguished degree programs available to international students.

    The trend to study in Korea is new, relatively undiscovered and is well received by parents and students as the cost is significantly lower than UK, US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Placement of students in Korean universities is Think Education’s forte.

    Think Education can help you enrol into a university or college in the following five of the world’s most popular study destinations: Europe, Korea, Ireland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Australia.

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    Think Education has entered into an arrangement with TAR University College to conduct Language courses in the Language Centre located at TAR University College.

    The Language Centre prepares students to achieve a certain level of language proficiency prior to embarking their courses abroad. The courses are open to the public who may have an interest in learning the language for various purposes.

    Emphasis is given to Korean Language as Think Education has uncovered the significant benefits of pursuing tertiary education in Korea. Students who are interested in programs conducted in English will be given direct entry into certain universities with an acceptable score of IELTS, while those programs conducted in Korean language will require students to learn the language.

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    Think Education also assists Malaysian institutions who are interested to send their students to Korea for Summer and / or Winter Camps either to fulfill part of their curriculum or to earn credits for their internship or simply as an innovative extension of their educational programs. We are linked to various Korean universities who welcome these study exchange groups.

    Likewise, Malaysian institutions who are interested to expose their students to greater depths of life experience would engage our services to make it happen.

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    Another mission of Think Education is to conduct free education talk or related talks in the interest of School education and Secondary Schools’ students. Panel prominent speakers from various disciplines are formed and invited to participate in this activity to provide an early alert to goad students to think about planning after completing secondary education.

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    Think Education also plays host to foreign Universities in local education fairs whenever they are scheduled. Booths will be taken and, either given to foreign universities or used by representatives appointed by the foreign institutions. The education fairs will thus be enriched by the presence of direct international universities and / or representatives.

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    Think Education works with foreign governments and universities abroad to bring their students over to Malaysia for English and Internship courses. Such English and Internship courses are linked with local Malaysian universities and colleges who are interested to host such programs. At times, credits could be arranged between the two institutions.

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    In line with our range of services, we are progressing with a periodic print of an educational publication to reach out a wider to circle of individuals who need reference and guidance. Our publication is mainly distributed at schools during talks. While our readership is modest , our publication is intended to garner greater awareness of our existence and thus, invite individuals to seek advice from us online.

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    Malaysians graduated from Korean universities are welcome back to Think Education if they wish to seek our assistance to secure employment in Malaysia. While the graduates are free to choose and are sought after, those who prefer to be engaged by Korean companies may seek the assistance of Think Education. The focus of placement will be on Korean companies set up in Malaysia. Our links with the Korean oragnisations is a logical extension of our business in higher education, especially individuals whom had been placed at Korean Universities by Think Education. Thus, our service is all encompassing and comprehensive, i.e. from the point of course selection to the point of career embarkation.

Think Education can help students not only in providing impartial information but also a list of follow-up services to facilitate the student’s point of application to the enrolment at the university concerned.
The services include:
Finding the best course for your needs
Submitting course application on your behalf to the respective university
Assisting with visa applications
Making accommodation arrangement
Arranging flight tickets and airport pick-up
Conducting pre-departure briefings
Think Education can help you enrol into a university, school or college in the following six of the world’s most popular study destinations: Korea, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, United States and United Kingdom.



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